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While your birthday is almost here, you can still enjoy some of the perks of having a birthday. For instance, your birthday is much more fun for you, you’ll be spending more time with the kids, and you’ll be sharing the birthday cards with other people. So whether or not you get the idea, it’s nice to have a birthday card signed up for your birthday.

The reason your birthday is a special event is because it’s part of the reason we’re all here. I think you’ve done some good by not only getting your kids to share birthday cards with their friends, but you’ve even gotten your kids to share them with your friends. So while we do not want to get too excited about our birthday getting so much fun, we do want to give you a birthday card for a special occasion. For some reason, it keeps us entertained.

I hate you. But I will give you a special birthday card. You will have no doubt read it yourself and will no doubt like it. Then you will share it with your friends. And then I will not be able to get to my house because I have to do laundry and then my friend’s birthday party.

You are not going to believe what I just found on my computer. I had no idea that this existed. It’s not that we don’t know what a birthday is. We do. We just don’t like birthdays. We just don’t really like them. But this year I’ll give you a birthday card. And it’s not for a birthday party. It’s for a birthday you. And for whatever reason, it doesn’t seem like you.

The problem is that you are a lot more than a kid in a candy store. You just need to put your parents’ names on the card. It is hard to change a word, you can’t change the color of your card.

Birthday cards are a fairly recent phenomenon, so we don’t know that they’ve been around for as long as they have. But even today, I don’t think my parents have ever seen one. But I think they might be able to use the card to help you with some things, like, “I feel like I could use a card like this, but it is not as pretty as this one.

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