10 Startups That’ll Change the how to close scanner in the java Industry for the Better


Scanner in Java has a couple of functions that cause it to close on a regular basis. The first one is the scanner.close() method. It basically just calls a method on the scanner object and it will cause the scanner to close.

Scanner in Java seems to be the most common method in Java. It’s also used for opening a lot of windows, which is something many of us haven’t had time to see.

Well, it does seem to be the most common method, but I can’t say I know for sure. And, while it seems like it should be a fairly small function, that’s also what causes it to close in the first place. In Java’s case, the scanner does close when the last thread that called close() returns. But, we all know that the scanner doesn’t close, only the last thread. The scanner.

Well, there’s a couple reasons for this. First off, the scanner is a singleton and it only exists in the JVM. It has no other references in the system so if it’s not being used, it doesn’t exist. So, when the scanner closes, it doesn’t cause any errors, just a no-longer-needed thread to exist.

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