20 Things You Should Know About implode vs explode

Yes, I know that implode is a bad word. This is the term that I am using. The term implode is an explosion.

So why do we use the term explode to describe explosions? Explode has the nice advantage of being a noun, while explode is a verb. The word implode is not actually an explosion, it’s a verb.

I think that if you really want to distinguish between the two, you should just get rid of the adjective implode entirely. The word explode is a very generic term that refers to a particular way that an explosion (like a bomb or bomb explosion) is done and it’s all very well to say that a bomb is an explosion and that a bomb explosion is an explosion. It is, however, a word that has been used to describe various things that are used in explosions.

So an explosion is a particular way in which something is done rather than the actual thing that is doing it. It is not a verb that means to “explode” or “explode.

Exploding something, on the other hand, is much more specific. It isn’t something you do. It isn’t the thing that is doing it. It is something that happens. The explosion has happened.

The explosion is a specific way in which something that happens happens. The explosion is very specific, and it is often used in a positive light. A bomb explosion is said to be a good thing, and it is thought to be a good thing to do. It is also something that happens, and as such, it is seen as being good.

This is a common saying among bomb experts, and it’s true. The explosion is just a specific way in which something that happens happens, and it is done in order to “explode.” The explosion is just a way that something that happens happens. This can be explained by saying that the explosion is a way that something that happens happens. However, this is not the only explanation. An explosion can be a way that something happens that is not specific in itself.

That’s why explosions can occur without explosions. This means that explosions can explode without explosions. This can be explained by saying that explosions can exist without explosions. This is a less common explanation.

In our case, we thought it was an explosion. We didn’t necessarily think this was the case. We thought that the explosion could have occurred by accident, which, in our case, was the explosion.

Implodes have been used as a way to generate noise in games for decades now. This is a pretty common term for it. When something is imploded, we can say something is imploded. We use the word implode because many people feel like imploded means it’s coming to an end. To them, this should be when it’s happening.

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