How to Explain small caps font effect in word to Your Boss

You have an idea. I have created a small (2×4) font in Word that makes it look like you have three levels of self-aware writing.

There are a few reasons why this might be useful for you. For one, the small caps font can make it easier for native English speakers to read your writing because they can’t get used to the way you spell the words. For another, it can help you with proofreading. If you have a habit of deleting extra words, then you can proofread what you’ve written.

It’s also a little sneaky because it’s a lot easier to read some of the text if it looks different. Word doesn’t try to hide the different levels of self-awareness, it just tries to make it look easy.

I think about this a lot because I work with a lot of people who are just not that interested in reading the same text. They like to read in big type and type out paragraphs and sentences. By changing the font size of the text you can make it easier to read.

The main reason I love this is because its the only way to read content that will be accessible on a website. It doesn’t have a huge amount of content, and if you read a lot of it, it’ll be accessible.

Its a pretty cool effect to apply to content, but you can use other methods to make it easier to read. One trick is to change the font size of the text. Another is to use more small caps. The third is to just use the word it in caps. In this example I’ve used the word “it” in small cap.

Small caps are like the old-fashioned capital letters. They are easier to read. If you use a lot of them, you can make your content readable on a wide variety of devices. It is also very easy to add and change the font size and make the text look better.

The best thing about small caps is that it is very easy to change the font size. You can change it if you want to, but it can be very easy to screw up and make the text look bad. You can easily change the font size of the words on your page, but it can be difficult to change the font size of the text on your website.

The great thing about small caps is that the font is the same on all devices. The bad thing is that I have seen some really bad websites that use small caps to make text look bad. They have bad typography. The best thing is that you can change the font size and make the text look better. So if you have a very large website, you can change the font size to something like 12 font size or something.

In case you haven’t noticed, we use small caps fonts on this website. We also have a lot of small caps fonts, with a slightly different look. But we also have small caps fonts on our About Us page, too.

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