Why We Love what does js mean (And You Should, Too!)

When I first started learning Javascript, I was completely unaware of what it meant or what it was. Now, I have a better understanding of JS and the ways it can impact our lives. I find it challenging to always be so up-to-date with what I can do, but more importantly, who I can be.

The point of JavaScript is to enable us to build “smart” applications. A good example of this is Google Maps. While I was working on my own website, I was able to add a layer of javascript to display the map, and then just add another layer that changed the map to a different view. Since then, I’ve seen other developers come and go, but I think I’ve come to a better understanding of the value of it.

Javascript is the glue that holds our code together. A program like Google Maps, while not quite as sophisticated as having a full-fledged application written in PHP, still provides a great example of how to build a smart application. It’s also how I learned to write HTML.

Once you’ve finished with a website and are ready to start building the next, the process of making a new one is the same: write some Javascript code, and then test. But instead of having to write a new application, you can start with a fresh project and have it ready to go in a few minutes. You don’t have to start from scratch, but I imagine it can be daunting.

I imagine that this is also the case with coding. You have to start somewhere, so why not start with something simple? The way I like to start is with a simple but interesting little application that I can make a quick video of, or I can write a small HTML file with the code that I want added, and then I can test it out.

When you’re ready for something, be sure to include a little bit of background work that you can do, and if you’re working on a JavaScript application, make sure to include an option that you can change to the background.

You can use a text editor like Sublime Text or TextMate with the JS file type extension, but you can also use something like Visual Studio Code or webStorm.

One simple way to get the code into the editor is to just type the code into the editor and press Enter. You can then edit your page by right clicking on the page, and selecting “Open in Code”, or you can open the file in whichever editor you prefer.

JavaScript is a JavaScript language. Meaning it can be used to make programs that run on the web. It also can be used to write games, web applications, and can even be used for creating web apps. But what do you do with a JavaScript file if it doesn’t have an extension? Put it somewhere you can find it when you need it, right? Well, that’s what our friend jsmean does.

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